Haridwar Tourist Attractions

Discover Haridwar tourist places to visit in Haridwar. From sacred ghats to vibrant markets, find your perfect getaway to Haridwar.

  • First place to welcome Ganga to the plains.
  • Shanti Kunj in Haridwar stands out as the prime destination for those seeking comprehensive understanding of Ayurveda and Hinduism.
  • The Upper Road Bazaar in Haridwar holds a prominent place among the city’s historic markets, situated near the renowned Moti Bazaar.


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Places To Visit In Haridwar

Discover the essence of Haridwar with these must-see destinations. From sacred temples to serene riverbanks, some of the best places to visit in Haridwar; explore the best of this spiritual city.

A complete spiritual journey necessitates a pilgrimage to Haridwar in North India. Nestled amidst the Himalayan foothills, this legendary land cleansed by the holy Ganga stands as the epitome of sanctity, revered for absolving sins. Delve into the plethora of tourist attractions in Haridwar beyond the iconic Har Ki Pauri and temples, revealing abundant experiences. Engage in spiritual introspection amidst the serene natural surroundings; Haridwar emerges as an ideal vacation destination. A pilgrimage to Haridwar offers answers to lingering fears and uncertainties. Explore the best tourist places in Haridwar, ticking them off your bucket list one by one.

Haridwar Tourist Places

Enchanting Places to Visit In Haridwar

As a renowned religious hub, Haridwar boasts numerous sightseeing spots with deep spiritual significance. Visitors can explore various temples and ashrams scattered throughout the area, immersing themselves in divine serenity. Additionally, neighboring Kankhal holds its own religious importance, offering pilgrimage sites such as the revered Mansa Devi Temple and Chandi Devi Temple, attracting throngs of devotees seeking blessings. These haridwar tourist places stand as iconic symbols of Haridwar’s rich religious heritage and are must-visit attractions for tourists.

There are so many captivating tourist places to visit in Haridwar, offering travelers ample opportunities to unwind and explore. This comprehensive list of Haridwar’s sightseeing options is a must-have guide for planning your itinerary. Discover the city’s hidden treasures, uncovering the most vibrant attractions, and renowned picnic spots for an unforgettable vacation experience. Dive into the essence of Haridwar’s charm through this meticulously curated collection of must-visit destinations and famous landmarks.

Tourist Places To Visit In Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Unlock the secrets of Haridwar! Journey through mystical enclaves, sacred hideaways, and cultural hotspots that resonate with ancient wisdom. Here, ancient temples, revered saints, and the sacred Ganges intertwine in a divine ballet of religious unity and harmony.

Har Ki Pauri

For an awe-inspiring view of the majestic River Ganges, Har Ki Pauri is one of the best tourist places in Haridwar. Translating to “Steps of Lord Shiva,” Har Ki Pauri features steps lining the Ganges’ banks, where devotees descend for sacred dips. The Ganges, revered as India’s holiest river, is believed to purify sins and negative karma. According to Hindu mythology, Brahmakund, nestled within Har Ki Pauri, marks the spot where a drop of Amrit, the elixir of immortality, descended from heaven. A leisurely stroll along the expansive Har Ki Pauri Ganga Ghat immerses visitors in a profound cultural and religious ambiance, making it a must-visit place of Haridwar. 

Mansa Devi Temple

Mansa Devi Temple stands as one of Haridwar’s most renowned pilgrimage sites, attracting thousands of Hindu devotees annually. Dedicated to Goddess Mansa, revered for granting wishes, it is among the top tourist places to visit in Haridwar to visit and seek some blessings. Perched atop Bilwa Parvat hill, the temple offers panoramic vistas of Haridwar. Accessible via trekking or cable car, reaching the temple promises a memorable journey. Additionally, it is a popular destionation of haridwar for couples, who seek blessings for enduring love and marital bliss.

Chandi Devi Temple

Situated atop Neel Parvat hill, Chandi Devi Temple is another prominent tourist attraction in Haridwar. Dedicated to Goddess Chandi, it is believed to mark the site where the goddess vanquished the demons Chanda and Munda, servants of the demons Shumbha and Nishumbha. Legend holds that the primary deity was installed by the revered saint Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century, with the temple’s construction completed by the Kashmiri king in 1929. Pilgrims flock from across the globe to seek the goddess’s blessings at this sacred site. Additionally, the temple complex offers breathtaking vistas, making it a picturesque retreat for nature enthusiasts.

Maya Devi Temple

Maya Devi Temple is among famous places to visit in Haridwar. A pilgrimage to Haridwar remains incomplete without paying homage to this sacred site, which forms an integral part of the city’s holy temple trio alongside Mansa Devi Temple and Chandi Devi Temple. Devotees believe that the presiding goddess of Maya Devi Temple possesses the ability to grant any wish, embodying the divine power of Adi Shakti. Consequently, the temple attracts numerous tourists and worshippers, earning its place among the top five destinations to visit in Haridwar. Additionally, this temple holds significance as a Shakti Peeth, believed to be the site where the heart and navel of Goddess Sati fell.

Saptrishi Ashram

Nestled near Shanti Kunj Haridwar, Saptrishi Ashram emerges as a tranquil sanctuary for seekers of relaxation and inner rejuvenation. Revered as one of the finest tourist places in Haridwar for meditation and solitude, it serves as a haven for sages and saints. Legend has it that Saptrishi Ashram was erected upon the sacred grounds where seven revered sages once engaged in profound meditation. According to ancient tales, the mighty River Ganga gracefully divided into seven streams in this vicinity, ensuring the undisturbed tranquility of the meditating ascetics. Hence, this sacred site is also known as Sapt Sarovar.

Bhimgoda Kund/Tank

With significant historical significance, Bhimgoda Kund, located approximately 1km from Har ki Pauri, holds a prominent place in Haridwar’s landscape. According to legend, during their journey to the Himalayas, the Pandavas halted at this site to quench their thirst. It is said that Bhima, one of the Pandavas, extracted water from the rocks by thrusting his knee (Goda), hence the name Bhimgoda. This site remains a popular attraction in Haridwar, drawing visitors throughout the year to witness its storied past and natural beauty.

Daksha Mahadev Temple

Daksha Mahadev Temple, alternatively known as Daksheswara Mahadev Temple, stands as one of the oldest temples in Kankhal, Haridwar, making it one of the notable places to visit in Haridwar tourist places. Devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati, the temple derives its name from Goddess Swati’s father, King Daksha Prajapati. This temple commemorates a Hindu mythological tale surrounding King Daksha Prajapati, father of Dakshayani, Lord Shiva’s first wife. Legend has it that King Daksha organized a grand yagña but deliberately excluded Lord Shiva from the guest list. Despite this, Lord Shiva attended the yagña and was met with disrespect from the king. Witnessing the insult, Dakshayani was consumed by fury and self-immolated in the yagna kund. In retaliation, Shiva’s wrath manifested in the form of a demon named Virabhadra, who slew King Daksha. Eventually, Daksha was resurrected by Shiva, albeit with a goat’s head, symbolizing transformation and forgiveness.

Best Places To Visit In Haridwar

Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela

Dev Diwali

kanwar mela

Kanwar Mela

List Of Tourist Places In Haridwar

Looking for a weekend escape? Haridwar stands out as one of the top tourist destinations in Uttarakhand, often referred to as Devbhumi. These cities offer a blend of spiritual sites and breathtaking landscapes, making them ideal for a quick getaway to immerse in nature’s beauty. With Haridwar being the gateway to Char Dham. Gear up and explore a curated list of attractions to make the most of your two-day trip in Haridwar.

Haridwar Famous Places

Har Ki Pauri

Patanjali Yoga Peeth

Chandi Devi Temple

Ganga Aarti

Mansa Devi Temple

Birla Ghat

Maya Devi Temple

Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary

Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar

Gau Ghat

Daksheswara Mahadeva Temple

Bhimgoda Kund

Bharat Mata Temple

Maa Anandamayi Ashram

Maha Kumbh Mela

Bilkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Sapta Rishi Ashram

Sri Santosh Puri Ashram

Rajaji National Park

Doodadhari Barfani Temple

Pawan Dham

Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar

Shanti Kunj

Sureshwari Devi Temple

Bara Bazar

Parmeshwar Mahadev Temple

Vaishno Devi Temple

Moti Bazar

Shri Vyas Ashram

Local Markets

Discover Divine Serenity

Explore the bustling streets lined with vibrant markets, where colorful saris and trinkets tempt passersby. Don’t miss the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti, a nightly ritual where lamps flicker in harmony with the river’s gentle flow. Dive into Haridwar’s rich history at the ancient temples dotting the landscape, each telling tales of devotion and faith. Marvel at the intricate architecture of Mansa Devi Temple or seek solace at the serene Chandi Devi Temple perched atop Neel Parvat.