Best Time To Visit Kota, Season, Weather – Kota Tourism, India

Best Time To Visit Kota, Season, Weather – Kota Tourism, India

Kota City – A perfect blend of education with culture.

Traveling to Kota, India, and want to know the best time to visit Kota. But before this, you need to know some details about this educational and cultural hub.

Kota city is known for its ancient and architectural places and is situated on the bank of the Chambal river. Kota is also majorly popular as ‘The Coaching Capital of India’. This education hub is famous for IIT JEE institutes, Medical Coachings, Kota stone, and Kota Doriya Sarees. Apart from all these, there are so many places to visit in Kota City. And if you are planning to visit Kota, I am going to tell you about the perfect season to visit Kota City.


Best Time To Visit Kota City

Are you planning to visit Kota city, but don’t know when the city is calmer? Here we will explore the best weather or season to visit Kota.

Winter Season

Summer Season

Monsoon Season

Winter Season To Explore Kota – The Best Time To Visit Kota

October – February

The Winter season starts in October and ends in February. The weather remains cool during this period and temperatures lie between 14° to 31° Celsius. So, choosing the winter season is the best time for Kota outdoor exploration and sightseeing.

During this period of time, the humidity level is extremely low that makes the winter season ideal for Kota outdoor excursions. In short, the winter season is the best time to visit Kota city. Winter offers an excellent combination of cozy climate and unquenched wanderlust.


Summer Season To Explore Kota – Least Advised Time To Visit Kota

March – June

Summers starts-off in March and lasts till June end. The summer season is the least preferable season to travel to this city. The temperature range goes between 33° to 50° Celsius during the summer time. The days are unpredictably too hot and intolerable. The harsh climate conditions make the summer season not recommended for any kind of expedition. So, this season gets little to no nomads, exclude those who are here for educational purposes.


Monsoon Season To Explore Kota – Least Advised Time To Visit Kota

July – September

The monsoon Season in Kota starts in July and lasts till September month. The city’s temperature during monsoon time is relatively low (34° – 31° Celsius) with torrential rains. After getting a high rainfall, monsoon season is not advisable to travel Kota. The humidity level of the city is considerably high during this time of the year. Still, you can get some great discounts in the monsoon.


Temperature Of Kota

The temperature of Kota city changes considerably. Considering humid levels, temp is really hot half of the year. If you want to set yourself on the fire to visit Kota. May and June are the warmest and hottest months to turn Kota city inside out. If you want to visit Kota in the winter season, visit the city in October or in November during the festive season to enjoy Dussehra and Diwali.


Humidity & Wind 

Kota city faces some very humid months during the monsoon season. The minimum humidity level month is May and the maximum humidity level month is August.

Kota city is generally less windy. The windiest month is May, June, & July; but June win the trophy of being the maximum windy time. When June starts the wind speed is approximate 6.2 MPH that is treated as “a light breeze”. In late June, the wind speed reach 12.2 MPH that is known as “a gentle breeze”.


Monthly Weather Conditions of Kota

Before traveling to Kota, check the weather forecast for upcoming days whether you are visiting Kota in Summer, Monsoon, or Winter Season. Here is the general monthly weather forecast for Kota city.


Month High / Low Temp.
January 28°/ 6°
February 34°/ 9°
March 43°/ 13°
April 43°/ 19°
May 45°/ 26°
June 50°/ 27°
July 40°/ 25°
August 37°/ 24°
September 36°/ 25°
October 36°/ 18°
November 33°/ 13°
December 28°/ 10°


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