A Short 2 Days Trip To Haridwar | 2 Days Itinerary

Two Days Complete Itinerary of Haridwar

Haridwar is a primitive pilgrimage city where the Ganges River’s crystal clear waters first enter the plains. Despite being ruled by many kings of diverse ethnicities, Haridwar has maintained its religious and cultural traditions. The ancient traditions and practices of India are therefore represented in Haridwar.

A short 2 days trip to Haridwar is not only a unique way to experience Hindu tradition, but it also serves as a way to escape the stress of city life. Enjoy the serenity of nature while you relax and rejuvenate in the arms of nature while exploring Haridwar. A 2 day Haridwar tour will give you a chance to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of nature and to sit back and relax on the bank of the holiest river Ganga. 

There are plenty of religious rituals and activities you can engage in Haridwar because of its ancient heritage. You can float lamps in the river during Ganga Aarti and enjoy the Kanwar Mela which happens every year. A 2 day Haridwar tour package will allow you to experience all of these.

In 1 night, 2 days Haridwar tour package, you can witness the most popular spiritual activities of ancient Bharat. Haridwar is home to some of the world’s most prestigious centers of arts, science, and culture, all set against a backdrop of lush green forests, sacred rivers, and the Himalayas.

The mesmerizing flora and fauna of Haridwar make it a real delight for nature lovers as well as the preservation of culture. This Haridwar tour package provides the opportunity to explore the man-made and natural wonders of Haridwar. Haridwar, being one of the holiest Hindu temples, is home to many sacred Hindu ghats and temples that you will be visiting as part of your Haridwar visit.

Try these 2 days and 1-night Haridwar tour package itinerary to experience the ancient culture and tradition.

2 Days Itinerary For Haridwar

Day 1 Haridwar Itinerary

  • Reach Haridwar in the morning. Let the city welcome you.
  • Check-in to your hotel room.
  • Complete your breakfast at “Chotiwala Restaurant”. Start early, if you want to cover all these places in one day.
  • Awake the ‘Adventure is Life’ person who is living inside you and start exploring Haridwar.
      • Har Ki Pauri Ghat, Haridwar
      • Shri Mata Mansa Devi Mandir, Haridwar (Ropeway Available)
      • Bilvkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Haridwar
      • Maya Devi Temple, Haridwar
      • Maa Chandi Devi Temple, Haridwar (Ropeway Available)
      • Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple, Haridwar
      • Soul-fulfilling Ganga Aarti at Har Ki Pauri in Evening
      • Visit Local Market of Haridwar.

Do some pet pooja or dinner and head back to the hotel to rest.

Day 2 Haridwar Itinerary

  • Excited about the second day in Haridwar.
  • Take your first meal of the day at “Jai Ram Ji Puri Wale / Hoshiyarpuri”. Start early, if you want to cover all these places in one day.
  • Hit the road and start the journey to know the city closely.
      • Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple, Haridwar
      • Bharat Mata Temple, Haridwar
      • Shantikunj Gayatri Parivar, Haridwar
      • Rajaji National Park, Haridwar

Experience the serenity of the holy city Haridwar in 2 days and share your thoughts with us via email – “what you like the most in Haridwar”.

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